Play Your Part is a FREE initiative that comes to your school and explores the themes of gender equality, global citizenship and student leadership using the universal language of all children & youth: PLAY. It provides resources and support for educators, with clear tie-ins to provincial curricula and inclusive games for all ages.

Play Your Part consists of three stages: the Assembly and Workshop, which are run on a single day at your school; and the Challenge, a student-run day of play that will happen in schools across Canada on May 17th, 2019.

55,000+ students empowered | 200+ schools engaged | 11,600+ Junior Leaders changing the world!


Get ready. Get set. Get inspired! Play Your Part starts with a free, engaging, and educational school assembly for grades three and up. Your students will be moved by stories from girls and boys in Right To Play programs worldwide in an hour of interactive, multimedia learning that will motivate them to harness their leadership potential. The Assembly also includes powerful and inspiring messages that will motivate students to take a leading role in their school, in their community, and in the world!


Calling all natural born leaders! The Play Your Part Workshop is designed to educate students in Canada about the power of play, boost their leadership skills, and encourage them to make change in their own communities and beyond. While focusing on developing students’ ability to lead Right To Play activities, the Workshop provides them with a safe space where they can share their experiences and feel inspired to teach others what they’ve learned.

Each participating school has the opportunity to nominate as many as 30 students from grades four and up to participate in the one-day workshop. Students will leave the Play Your Part Workshop with an action plan for how they can harness their new leadership skills to create a positive school environment and translate their actions into a school-wide day of play. Upon completion of the Workshop, participating students will earn the title of “Junior Leader.”


Are you ready to take the Challenge? This year, the Play Your Part Challenge will take place on May 17th, 2019, giving students the opportunity to organize an exciting, meaningful, school-wide day of play that they lead to fundraise for Right To Play programs around the world. This is not only a chance for students to be creative and use their leadership skills to achieve a shared goal, it’s also an opportunity for them to exercise global citizenship and play their part in making the world a better place for themselves and their peers.