Is there a cost associated with Play Your Part?

Thanks to Global Affairs Canada, there is no cost to participate in the Play Your Part program, including the Play Your Part Challenge. By participating in the Assembly and Workshop, we hope that you and your students have learned more about Right To Play and the importance of play-based learning for kids across the globe. We do ask that every school involved in the program consider fundraising in support of Right To Play as part of their Challenge project.

Of course, we are grateful for your support at any level. If every student is able to fundraise $1, they are still able to make a great impact. A donation of $50 alone helps one child in Right To Play programs by providing him or her with play for an entire year. At the end of the day, what really matters to us is that your students are able to learn as much as they can through Play Your Part and have the opportunity to realize their potential as leaders in their community.

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